About dental photography

Professional Dental practices requires high quality photos to help both doctors and patients accurately diagnose the root cause and provide effective solutions. 

High quality pictures also helps with consulting and documentation of dental procedures. It also helps with forensic study, publications and lectures. 

It is particularly important that for ease of clinical work flow, this task could be easily delegated to dental assistants. Use of heavy and complicated camera systems like SLR complicates both photo taking and delegation. 

Also since taking dental photos requires many hours of training with complicated camera system to avoid un-necessary theoretical evaluation of dental photos. This also prolong the remediation of dental procedures, adding to operation cost and reduce quality. 

We have been investigating the dental photo taking for many years and our compact cameras in combination of SARA-LED ring light systems provide the most efficient, cost effective ,easy to use products with high standard of quality. Providing necessary settings and  easy handling is guaranteed. 

Use of our compact light compact cameras  is simple three steps, power on, hold out and press the shutter. It can easily be delegated to dental assistance with minimal stress on their hands.

Please contact us for further details. We will be glad to assist you.

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